How to Optimize Your Google Business Pages For Maximum Results

Update and Optimize Your Google Business Pages: Optimizing your Google business (GMB} page is such a simple yet powerful dental marketing concept that packs quite a HUGE punch by optimizing your GMB site with a few basic yet effective tactics. What is the power of an optimized Google page? Is it just the bait to draw people in, or does it have real value? These are tough questions that should be answered by those who are already successful at this. My goal with this article is to share some tips on how you can optimize your Google business page so that you get maximum dental marketing benefits.

The first thing that I would like to discuss is using Facebook and other social media sites as an advertising medium. Why use these ads? Quite simply because millions of patients, friends, family members, and acquaintances on Facebook and other sites have access to these types of ads. These people are likely potential patients!

The next tip that I am going to share with you in this article revolves around the idea of using a blog to advertise your dental practices. If you Google “blog for dental practices” or “dental practice marketing,” you will get tons of great blogs dedicated to this subject. These blogs are a great resource because not only do they provide a venue to share your ideas and thoughts on dental marketing, they also are a great place to gain some credibility amongst your peers. As you gain more trust, patients will flock to your dental practices, and word-of-mouth alone is enough to boost your bottom line.

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